Society Weddings

When your desire is for the very best luxury result and are told it isn't available, or you simply have a list of wants that seems impossible to fulfil - no matter how much cash you're willing to throw at it. Or it all seems achievable but the cost tag appears to be a complete rip off - with no acceptable budget explanation; stress and disappointment levels can quickly kill the joy of planning any event - an experience which should, of course, be one of relaxed questions and answers, the results properly and openly priced with margins and professional fees explained.  Our method is simple, we offer two opening choices: you tell us exactly what you want - a detailed brief - we furnish you with a properly explained budget with respectful suggestions where it is felt you could achieve the same result without unnecessary expense / or, we are supplied with a budget figure, together with details of the day and any particular desires and we present our suggestions to fit that budget.  From either result, discussions, changes and alterations can then be made, arriving at a proper professional plan with all the logistics in place.  


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