Wedding Deals Wedding Deals

You want the best for your special day but it's all become too stretched!  You can talk straight and you'll get no lesser treatment, quality or service - that's a promise! 

The important thing is to get the wedding filmed - editing and post-production can come later - as can the costs involved in that part.
Shooting the video can cost as little as 200., or as much as you want it to be. The cost is dependent upon the time involved - maybe just from the guests arriving to the sit down for the breakfast - maybe you would like the whole day. You chose, you set the cost.
The tape is checked and held - you are supplied with a copy.
Maybe a year later - the first anniversary, maybe the second, the twenty fifth - what a gift! You call, a cost agreed - the edit and post-production is completed and delivered together with the copies - all as in the 'Popular Package'. All done within your budget at any given stage. All done with the same professional standard and enthusiasm.


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