Our products & Services:
Conception of ideas - from your basic outline brief - alone or in collaboration with your team and / or agency.
Script writing - from draft to full screen-play, with comprehensive storyboarding when required, shooting scripts - with weather cover charts wherever feasible.
Production - from a single director/cameraman - to a full production crew together with all equipment and facilities arranged and in place for full television or film production. On land, at sea, in the air - regular deep sea & aerial experience, helicopter and fixed wing platforms available and quickly arranged, both at home and abroad.  
Post-production - home based digital on-line and off-line edit suites with paint box, graphics, after effects, chroma key, audio dubbing, enhancement and all post-production finishing - all to full broadcast accreditation and standards.       
Film editing / cutting - work print edit, neg cut, approval print, release print, inter-negs, M & E tracks etc..  or transfer from neg to digital tape for non-linear edit / all post-production effects etc.. and return to film for release.

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