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From 800: (the choice of the vast majority) The most popular package, realised through a number of years experiencing the likes, dislikes and budgets of the majority of local town and country weddings - and through which we have received by far the largest number of recommendations to date, is based upon the following:
The Filming Package: The camera arrives at the church / marriage venue around half an hour before the start - capture background footage to place behind the title sequence - introduction with priest / warden / registrar etc.. Capture guest arrivals, arrival of groom and best man and their chat with guests. Capture the major arrivals - the brides mother and her brides maids.   
The big moment - the brides arrival! The bridal party meets with the priest / registrar and prepares to enter.  Cameraman takes position inside for the bridal entrance and service - the camera position has already been discussed with the priest / registrar, the optimum position 'negotiated' for, is always to the grooms right (the brides left, usually causes the head dress & veil to obscure the grooms face and, of course, allows no close up of the bride! The rings exchange is also obscured from that angle - it's helpful if this can be discussed with the church / venue early on by the bridal family)  At the service end, the register is signed and filmed. The cameraman now takes position to capture the bridal party's exit.    

'Fly on the wall' camera techniques are now employed - capturing everything around - expressions, children - everything from the formal, the romantic, to the fun, the cute, the pretty and the comic! The 'feel' of the wedding always becomes apparent - whether it's formal and elegant, relaxed and fun, designed to an unusual theme etc.., this 'feel' is always respected and becomes the 'feel' of the video.   
Eventually the bride and groom are ushered towards their car / carriage etc... Confetti! Always good on the video!  The chauffeur is chatted to - seeing if he'd mind taking his time or a slight detour, allowing the camera to arrive at the reception before the bride & groom - the drive off from the church / venue is obviously important, leaving the cameraman often the last to get away - but it's preferable if he is also the first to arrive at the reception (it's always helpful if this can be pre-arranged with the chauffeur / transport provider, during initial discussions)

At the reception and following the arrivals, again the video camera will rove, capturing everything from the relaxed to the formal. Usually the photographer will take the couple to the wedding cake for a 'mock' cutting, plus a few relaxed pictures - the reason for the 'mock' cutting, is that often, by the time the real cutting takes place, the length of the day has begun to show, faces can become 'shiny', hair might have become loosened, there may have even been a few tears of joy! Sometimes ties are undone, accidents with food and wine might have occurred - the video camera will wait in turn behind the photographer for a repeat 'pretend cutting'. 

The line up and entrance of the guests to the breakfast, then the new 'Mr & Mrs' enter to a welcome of hand clapping, leading them to their places... (post-production and delivery package described at foot of page)

Read on if you wish to extend the shooting package...

All optional extras and requirements would be pre-agreed - presenting a fixed cost deal.

The more material gathered on the day, the longer the post-production and edit - the additional costs obviously reflect this and are based around the extra estimated time at 50. per hour plus any lengthy added travel.  

Optional Extra 1:   Filming begins with the bridal party, before leaving for the wedding.

Optional Extra 2:   Wait during the meal, record the speeches and actual cake cutting.

Optional Extra 3:   Wait and record the first dance.

Optional Extra 4:   The bride and grooms departure.

Optional Extra 5:   Additional cameraman / cameramen & kit - usually between 200 - 250 per unit plus travel costs and dependent upon the length of estimated time required.

Post-production: The opening title shots (described earlier) are over-laid with the main introductory titles (completed and supplied by the bride & groom on our booking form - please advise of any changes that might have occurred) the material is then creatively, sensitively and sympathetically edited - mindful of any special requests made during our discussions. Our booking form asks for your 'special' song - the song that will remain magical for you both. This chosen song is placed at the end of the video and the most magical video clips are set against it - using slow motion and effects in producing a pop-promo style - a few minutes of pure and personal romance! 

The Delivery Package: The master DVD and four duplicate copies - all in attractive and personalised presentation cases.   
Added Option at No Extra Cost: An opening DVD menu separating certain scenes - ie: placing the speeches separately from the main video. Your wishes are obviously required in advance of mastering.
Further copies are readily available on request, on DVD or tape (VHS) including most foreign standard versions.


E-mail us (with address & event details) to receive a DVD showreel:     image@pbf.co.uk