Peter B Fairbrass FIBP., BECTU., Directors Guild (GB & USA)
BECTU: London Film Division - Director / Cameraman
Multi award winning cinematographer and director (both film & television) from cinema to small screen, war zones to politics, military and naval to multi-national corporates, government and police authorities to small private companies - and from heavy seas and rough aerial action to slo-mo filming of missile tests to delicate films of those with severe special needs to chilling occult thrillers...  
Educated in South London, working evenings & weekends as a projectionist at the Tooting Astoria.
Studied photography at The London School of Photography to degree level.
Whilst studying (above) worked evenings as a banqueting photographer (Lawson & Gibbs) and summer breaks as photographer at Butlins - Clacton & Bognor.
On qualifying and completing at L.S.o.Ph., became a fashion photographer / printer at The London Photo Centre (Covent Garden) before entering the film industry as a camera assistant at Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC) Elstree Studios - 'The Saint' (Roger Moore) 'The Avengers' (Patrick McNee & Diana Rigg) & 'The Baron' (Steve Forest - Dana Andrews twin brother - & Sue Lloyd) all 35mm film productions.
Onto features, including: Stanley Kubricks', '2001 (a space odyssey)', 'The Dirty Dozen', 'Carry On, Don't Loose Your Head', amongst many - and then a series of features with the infamous director / actor / writer / character - George Harrison-Marks! 
With the hard earned status of Director / Cameraman / Writer - gained through more than 113 features, commercials, television programmes & documentaries, sell through videos and shows; projects which have taken him through all technical areas of the business - from sound recording and post-production, through best-price purchasing and crewing, BBFC certification to choosing the best presentation media and publicity for marketing the end result - what else could follow but the formation of an independent production company?
is based upon traditional film industry lines: a director creates and equips an independent company and employs proven and trusted freelance crews as and when they are needed, he works alone whilst writing and / or preparing and pre-producing, he keeps costs low and therefore can offer the most efficient and cost effective answers for his clients / financiers. The same rule applies whilst he edits and post-produces - sub-contracting any area which requires specialist skills (animators etc..) creativity and lateral thinking being the key.

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