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Your family history is obviously important to you and there has never been a better time to ensure its carriage into the future - imagine if you could actually see and hear your great, great grandfather talking to you, telling you his life story on your television!  Now, you can ensure that your future family will be able to do just that! 
From just one person telling their story to my camera...to:  transferring your families home movies (16., 8 & S8mm.,) into the digital domain, importing any existing video material (any format and standard) together with maybe an audio only recording, still pictures, paintings, sketches etc..., then editing to the period's music (our vast library has a section specialising in all historic periods for news reel and documentary use) and, if there is a story available, a documentary style voice overlay to match.  Then interviews with living relatives telling their accounts of all they've heard of the past, their own life account etc.., the choices are many and the results pure gold for future generations - who can continue to add their own life stories; creating a snowball to grow and last forever!
Such a fabulous present to create and give to those still living and for all those yet to be born.

E-mail us (with address & details) to receive a DVD showreel:     image@pbf.co.uk
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