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There can be no pretence that editing other peoples material is often easy, particularly when a number of amateur cameramen, each using different domestic camcorders, have produced the only available footage - sometimes it's very much easier than others - the result depends upon the quality of the material and the amount of time allowed.
First  step - free of charge, let us see all the footage - we might very well need (if at all possible) the equipment it was originally shot on - amateur material is usually shot on domestic equipment, digital and tracking faults usually play back very well on the original equipment but not so often on any other equipment, particularly the more sensitively accurate, professional kit. 
After a quick look through all the available material, you'll be advised of a budget range - starting at: transferring and converting the footage into the digital suite and putting all the shots in the correct order, cutting out any obvious bad scene sections, adjusting the audio to the best possible clarity, adding titles etc... as required and adding scene transitions (mixes, dissolves etc...) then the whole movie audio will be mixed between the live sounds, where it's good and / or essential and music fitting the mood of each part - a list of your own favourites can be discussed creatively - some favourites can clash badly with the art of movie making - some clashes can actually work! The choices of how the end result is then delivered can be made, DVD - with / without a menu (Ie: maybe the speeches would be preferred in a separate menu section) / a digital tape master and VHS copies - some of foreign standards etc... From this level, the choice may be to have any very short scene (an important moment when the camera wobbled badly or was cut off too soon, for example) turned into very slow motion in order to make it last longer and appear more stable - there are many similar options which would effect the cost.
You will be advised of all options and suggestions, together with the relative costs, following the free viewing and assessment.

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