Peter B Fairbrass FIBP., BECTU., Directors Guild (GB & USA)
BECTU: London Film Division - Director / Cameraman
Studied photography at The London School of Photography to degree level. Whilst studying worked evenings as a banqueting photographer (Lawson & Gibbs) and summer breaks as photographer at Butlins - Clacton & Bognor.
On qualifying and completing at L.S.o.Ph., became a fashion photographer / printer at The London Photo Centre (Covent Garden) before entering the film industry as a camera assistant at Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC) Elstree Studios - 'The Saint' (Roger Moore) 'The Avengers' (Patrick McNee & Diana Rigg) & 'The Baron' (Steve Forest - Dana Andrews twin brother - & Sue Lloyd) all 35mm film productions for international television.

Onto features, including: Stanley Kubricks', '2001 (a space odyssey)', 'The Dirty Dozen', 'Carry On, Don't Loose Your Head', amongst many - and then a series of features with the infamous director / actor / writer / character - George Harrison-Marks! 
With the hard earned status of Director / Cameraman / Writer - gained through more than 113 features, commercials, television programmes & documentaries, sell through videos and shows; projects which have taken him through all technical areas of the business - from sound recording and post-production, through best-price purchasing and crewing, BBFC certification to choosing the best presentation media and publicity for marketing the end result - what else could follow but the formation of an independent production company?

Why Private Functions? Virtually every area of cinema, broadcast television and corporate production, is controlled creatively at every stage - committees decide what, where, how, when and why! News gathering is exciting and unrepeatable, pure 'seat of the pants creativity' - private functions, local events, amateur dramatics and (particularly) weddings are exactly the same - unrepeatable and fraught with last minute changes, arrangement accidents - but, most of all, the creator of the video memory (possibly the most vivid memory of all) becomes a free artist, painting a memory that he or she hopes will be enjoyed and loved for many years - silly? Nah! It's incredible and rewarding when it fulfils all expectations - and that's always the aim! based upon traditional film industry lines: a director creates and equips an independent company and employs proven and trusted freelance crews as and when they are needed, he works alone whilst writing and / or preparing and pre-producing, he keeps costs low and therefore can offer the most efficient and cost effective answers for his clients / financiers. The same rule applies whilst he edits and post-produces - sub-contracting any area which requires specialist skills (animators etc..) creativity and lateral thinking being the key.


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