facilities for film & VTR (video) acquisition & post-production mastering include:
All film formats and screen shapes (16mm., 35mm., academy, wide screen etc...)  all TV formats (4x3 / 14x9 / 16x9) Digital Betacam / BetacamSP (only BVW broadcast version used - all other input formats welcome) / DV-Cam / Mini-DV / DVC-Pro / S-Video / DVD / CD / FlyDrive etc... and the technology is being continuously updated.
  facilities for edit & post-production include:
At base: Media100 / Lightworks / Avid + 2 x rapid 'go anywhere' full post production edit & effects systems.
Location Editing: 2 x portable (carry-on flight units) edit suites with full post-production for broadcast via satellite / mastering to DVD or any portable format (Digi-Betacam / BetacamSP BVW / DV / DV-Cam / DVC-Pro etc... even VHS) regularly used in war zones, middle of green fields, conferences, critical incidents, feature film rushes, edit from video assist etc. 
  additional facilities:

...apart from the drinks cabinet, the constant tea & coffee - and being situated in an easy parking village just moments from the M25 (J10) smack in the middle of seven of the best pubs for hospitality and food in England, five restaurants (English, Indian, Thai, Spanish and Nuevo - Michelin rated!) a village bakery (with tea room) and a seven - eleven mini-market with off licence; not to mention a village British Legion and the world famous Ripley Cricket Club (get out of your skull for about 3.50!) - all within walking distance! 

Massive sound FX library - incl: George Lucas (Star Wars) Alan Howarth (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Halloween, Star Trek, etc...) Warner Bro's, Hanna Barbera and loads more - everything from Helicopters, fighter planes to cars and motor bikes, from loony toon character screams & falls to space ships docking - to head crushing and from electric drills to aliens, machine guns, tanks, explosions of every kind and sort...
Enormous music library - we have commissioned a great many composer / musicians to produce music for our own 'free' use and for our clients - saving huge licensing costs - from the classics to rap, pop, country and ballads, on all conceivable instruments and matching all styles and country flavours. And all the popular choices across a huge range for licensing through MCPS with full contract access to purchasing and use.

E-mail us (with address details) to receive a DVD showreel:     image@pbf.co.uk