...video and / or audio enhancement, analysis and forensic information...

Corporate examples - an otherwise good shot is spoiled by something unwanted in the picture - an object, a wonky company logo that should be horizontal, the camera was on a bad slant etc... or maybe the shot just needs brightening - maybe the shot should have been wide screen and the cameraman got it wrong - most problems are curable. 
An example in civil law - London Underground Ltd., had a problem with sub standard contractual work - some installations were in difficult places - impossible to light / only visible through a mirror / crawl space only / etc... the shooting included visible measurements and analytical positioning evidence. The results were enhanced to clearly show colours / fixings / locations etc... the completed work was accepted into evidence together with our professional witness. The material was described as pivotal. 
Examples in criminal law - enhancing / enlarging sections / slowing sequences in motion / using fixed given points to indicate measurements and distances...  
A motorist captured on ProVida, was accused of 'tailgating' another vehicle at high speed, the suggestion was a distance of just fourteen feet, by taking the given lengths of both vehicles, the given Armco sections, lamp posts and other 'givens', a perspective grid was produced - the resulting evidence showed the distance as fifty eight feet between the vehicles, the result was accepted into evidence as was our professional witness - the charges were dramatically reduced.
An incident was captured on CCTV of three young lads being harassed, the video was brightened, sections containing violent action were enlarged and smoothly slowed down, the material was accepted into evidence.
Two lads were captured on private CCTV., they wore 'hooded tops' as they broke into the back of a shop, the footage was enhanced and enlarged, revealing enough evidence for them to be charged.
An incident involving two ships resulted in a possible naval enquiry, the available CCTV material was enhanced and forensic measurements produced - the results were accepted into evidence.
 A structural worker, engaged in major road works, was severely struck by a passing transporter, the material from six CCTV units - linked to pass images to a single central recording unit, which switched alternately between the six cameras (a few frames from camera one, then a few from camera two etc...) - was supplied to us and painstakingly edited to produce a continuous smooth movie of the whole incident, the area of the incident was enlarged and enhanced - the result was accepted into evidence.     

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