DVD production:
We have two basic options for you to choose from which, in turn, lead to further options...
Option 1. Your movie can be transferred onto DVD through a Sony broadcast DVD recorder - the result will play on even the earliest domestic DVD player, with full broadcast quality in most 'zones' (foreign systems) the machine is specifically designed for broadcasters needing this facility. Down side: the menu screen is very basic but does offer the viewer the usual choices, ie: the viewer can select to watch any individual segment of video that you have requested us to separate, ie: A conference where the main movie of the event is required to have brief edited clips from each lengthy presentation but the viewer has the menu option to watch and hear any selected presentation in full.    
Option 2.  Your movie can be imported into a digital programme where a DVD can be fully 'authored'. A picture (either supplied to us or selected from your movie as a 'frame picture') is used as the menu screen - maybe you'd like the conference opening PowerPoint slide - whatever, or perhaps you'd like something especially created by us - the choice is as endless as your imagination and budget. Onto this menu screen can be placed menu buttons (again the design is your choice) directing the viewer to as many movies or parts of the movie / movies as you wish - exactly and with the same quality and speed as the usual Hollywood feature film DVD.  As they say, 'The world is your Lobster!'.
Whichever option you care to choose, once the master disc has been created, duplicates are made via a rapid system which produces copies.
As in everything we do, the customer has the choices to choose from - the complications are ours to remove!
You would like to place your movie onto your company web site or e-mail it to your colleagues - or maybe just have it compressed onto a CD., obviously the duration of the content controls whether this is possible but all popular file systems are available - RealPlayer, Microsoft Media Player, QuickTime, or maybe a 'Kiosk' presentation' - no problem.

E-mail us (with address details) to receive a DVD showreel:     image@pbf.co.uk