1. C.E.O. Blue Chip International - based: Twickenham. Corporate message to world staff - talk to camera. Single cameraman / director working alone. Kit: camera, stand, lamp, tie clip mike - all broadcast certified, all battery powered (no cables)  Good background selected, kit arranged, C.E.O. invited to begin. Quick lighting and audio check - shoot completed. Cameraman nips around building grabbing some background shots of interest. 

Back at PBF., the C.E.O.'s talk to camera is edited to remove 'fluffs' and stumbles, the audio is sweetened, the intro and outro captions added - together with music stings, company logo included and a strip banner placed across the screen, introducing the C.E.O. The additional ' around the building' footage is inter faded to add interest for those who have never been to H.Q., whilst they listen to their ultimate boss. The whole piece is then compressed and burned to CD and delivered next day for approval. Approval gained, the company duplicate and distribute. Total cost: 750. + basic travel costs, courier & VAT. The job has been repeated, every quarter, since 1998.    

2. Major international business consultancy conference - Heathrow, London. Selected presentations to be recorded, plus background footage of interest around the conference with sound bites from delegates and exec's. In between shooting schedule: select and transfer the best sound bite messages, presentation punches, background shots adding flavour, into portable edit suite.  Edit and post produce with sound effects and music into a powerful four minute ending for the conference, of the conference and its main messages - delivered to the technical team, on DVD at 4.45pm for projection at 5pm.  A surprising and powerful ending to the conference!  Post conference - the movie is prepared and compressed to CD and loaded onto the company website and for e-mail use on their intranet. Total cost for this segment: 2,000. + expenses & VAT.
At base - PowerPoint slides for the selected presentations are placed (by references from the conference) and overlaid in full screen, adding dimension - the presentations are placed and linked - in menu form - onto the opening screen of a DVD and supplied to the client. Total cost for this segment: 1,200. + VAT. 
The conference was repeated four months later at The LeGrande Paris, and the above work repeated for the client. All during 2004.

3Action Training: Police. A series of 'Critical Incident' training courses, inspector and above - creating actual situations. Director / cameraman works with television and newspaper journalists grabbing surprise interviews during investigations for imminent broadcast to the whole group in de-brief. Immediately following each interview, the material is edited on-site, adding TV anchor presenter intro, captions, still pictures of gathered evidence etc.., pleas from victims family, press room statements etc.. and delivered on BetacamSP tape for projection within minutes of the interviews. The above is part of an on-going and regular series, each spanning a full weekend, each costing 1,600. plus VAT and inclusive of all costs. 2004 / 5

4Training Room:  Major Oil Company. Central London location - training rooms. Supply and install cameras with relay to TV monitors for trainers in main delegate room + basic VHS recording for roll play reviews. Cameraman with kit in main delegate room to record training, feedback and Q & A's. In post-production: transfer segments from all material as required by trainers, add scans - of overhead slides, selected pages from training manual, also add PowerPoint training slides etc. and complete a basic edit.  Supply on DVD with menu to various important moments.  Total cost: 1,800. + travel, parking, zone charge & VAT. 2005.  

5.  Training Films:  'Developing Negotiating Skills'. From concept & script to screen: 15mins., known artistes, screen performed examples of, 'If you will do this for me - then I will do this for you'. The production was very successful and led to the request and completion of a series of scripts for use in the training room - British Petroleum Retail. Film production cost: 15,000. + artistes, expenses and VAT.   

6Glossy Promotional Films:  'Tomorrow's Technology Today'.  From concept to screen: the birth of G3 mobile communications for Vodafone.  The family of the future in today's world - an imaginary view that amazingly now exists - already!  Shot and completed just a moment ago but already the reality - almost! Concept, design created in house, our costs just (pre-agency & other involvements): just 22,000. including cast and casting costs, + VAT. 
United Kingdom, Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA): 'What do we get from Oil?'. An amazing insight into the everyday items that we all take for granted - how different modern life would be without oil! Our clothes, shoes, adhesives, music media - the computers we use, the CD's and DVD's we use within them - it's all made possible through oil exploration and development! Today's airplanes don't just fly on oil products - they are made from them, fly because of them and the comfort within them is all created from products of oil! Around eight minutes of incredible knowledge, insight and history; cost: 15,000. +VAT.  

7Commercials:  From in store commercials, local cinema commercials to full broadcast television commercials, we have the experience to supply you with the best.  With budget experience ranging from just 1,200. to 57,000. Agency or non-agency involvement.

8Scientific & Manufacture:  Cummins Diesel Engines, 'Hummin' Cummins'. A complete track of an engine, from start to finish - from bare block to the Dynamometer and in-truck rolling road test bed! Shot over three intensive days and then edited and post produced within the following five days; cost: 6,500. inclusive of flights etc... + VAT.

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