INCREDIBLE IMPACT FOR YOUR CONFERENCE: All the presentations have finished, the delegates are about to leave and you can only hope that the messages and visions have had the full impact!  Imagine - the major points and messages have been shot during the conference, audio visual bites & comments have been grabbed on camera during breaks and around the break-out groups, maybe a pre-recorded bite from the C.E.O., shots of manufacture, stills from overseas - and, whilst the day has progressed, the footage has been creatively edited & post produced to hard hitting music and sound effects 'on-site' and made ready for the A.V. team to punch onto the big screens as the last speaker finishes: 'How did they do that?!' - the impact always has them amazed (us too, usually!)  It really works, is relatively inexpensive - and we have examples! 

Whatever your corporate need, a simple duplicate of an existing tape, CD., or DVD., a conference to be filmed, a film to be shown at conference, an executive message to staff - maybe in several language versions / multiple television standards etc.., a training film or a super glossy video tool for sales, the science - manufacture - end benefits, of a product. PBF offer fast efficient services, of extremely high quality and within  sensible budgets.

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