From an advertising commercial of a local business for cinema exhibition - a cinema version of a broadcast TV commercial for theatrical release, to a full dramatic feature production - maybe a short, maybe a completed production requiring  an edit to suit a chosen BBFC target audience group. Our experience covers the whole perspective - from shooting, lighting, editing, transferring from neg to digital formats for non-linear edit and post-production effects, including design, creation and addition of titles, graphics and credits - post-production audio dubbing and effects etc... - and the return transfer to film and mag tracks.

During production: on-site location edit from video assist or overnight tele-cine rushes, with try-out alternative cuts - both visual and audio.

The movie of the making of the film - producing menu alternatives for DVD release - including interviews, scenes being created and shot and the movie in post-production - exceptionally attractive budgets and guarantees - we would love to be part of your next / or maybe your first movie!   

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