...are well known for being sensible and affordable and for not ripping clients off with ridiculous Hollywood pricing ideas! We don't expand budgets as we go along - we discuss all and any additions requested by the client - during the production - which weren't in the original budget (a frequent occurrence) and agree any additional costs before they commence. We always suggest lower cost alternatives, if they exist without spoiling the end quality. We only crew if crewing is necessary and to intelligent levels - many simple corporate films and news gathering shoots are perfectly possible with modern kit and just one professionally experienced and multi-skilled person (no one's ever surprised if a photographer works alone!)
No costs are incurred by the client at all, until initial discussions have produced a working format and a basic ball park budget and the 'go-ahead' agreed - our budget history shows a lowest cost - a corporate message - at 750. (delivered - early 2005 - on Video CD) and a top corporate cost of 57,000. (full blown production with 'named' actors & presenter)  Lowest broadcast commercial of 1,500. (electronic game commercial with graphic, music and voice overlays) and a high of 87,000. (blue chip market leading product, advertising agency driven) Our budgeting history for broadcast drama and cinema production is as varied as one would expect.     
No project is too large, too small, too basic or too complex for us not to be very interested and very enthusiastic about - we've covered them all and retained our clients loyalty and business.

E-mail us (with address details) to receive a DVD showreel:     image@pbf.co.uk